"You can't eat the money"


Hello Dear “DIFFERS” on the page of the first ever post on our blog. Above we present the material in which the video I recorded a few years ago is placed, so forgive the quality. The message of the film is simple: money cannot be eaten and this should be remembered. Not the one who has money, who has it, but the one who has something valuable. This is, of course, shown by the events that happen at this moment (inflation in 2022). When money is not covered in goods and services, money becomes worthless (it can also have coverage in the Army as in the US, or gold as it was several decades ago). Without going further into politics, I recommend watching how you can create your own money (valuable things), in this case food (check how much, for example, raspberries cost in a supermarket and treated with chemicals). Have a nice watching.

Andrzej PaloSanto


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